Recently some mischevious elements released a picture where the Senate president, Bukola Saraki was shaking Chief Bola Tinubu’s hand. They gave it headlines that reflected a snub of Jonathan for Tinubu by the Senate president.
One could clearly see that their purpose was to ridicule the ex president whose image and reputation has been growing both locally and internationally against their wish.
From most online comment on this forum, one could see that the ridicules were clearly from zombies and Buhari apologists who would have loved to see the ex president’s image in the gutters, hence decided to do it ‘manually’ by themselves especially as their Buhari has obviously failed in all indices of governance.
Contrary to their misleading topics that Saraki snubbed Jonathan to exchange pleasantries with Tinubu, this picture clearly showed that Saraki actually went to greet Tinubu AFTER he had queued like other politicians to shake hands with Jonathan. Being the children of hate they are and liars whose free is the devil, they carefully avoided this picture to achieve their ever evil aim.
Most politicians including Saraki had to stand in queue to greet this good man.

Source; nairaland