Controversial Malawian but South African based pastor, prophet Shepard Bushiri who is popularly known as Major One -was given a presidential welcome as he landed in Warri, Delta state. The prophet who arrived Warri in a private jet -was greeted by the long awaiting and excited team of Christ Mercy Land Deliverance Ministry.

Reports have it that about 30 convoy rides drove Shepard Bushiri around the church premises, greeting and waving as the millions of congregations and visitors from far and wide, at Christ Mercy Land Deliverance Ministry.

The preacher is well known for his controversial claims and lively Sunday services. He previously claimed that God has blessed him with a private jet that no one is allowed to see but him.

Bushiri also released a video where he claims to ‘walk on air’, which was rubbished as ‘fake’ by viewers who said they could see a shadow of a man supporting him.

The controversial preacher claims to have brought a young boy back to life after he was declared dead by doctors.

Source; National Helm